ALA Board Members

Michelle Bass:


Michelle comes from a long line of librarians…well really just her mom but that does not make for a catchy introductory line.  From a young age, she was entranced by barcode scanners and Library of Congress subheadings.  Her taste in books is eclectic and varies with the seasons and her world travels.  She admits to jumping on the young adult vampire craze for some quick light reading but is not (totally) ashamed as they ultimately led her to a fantastic vampire sci-fi trilogy by Justin Cronin.  She encourages you to get through book 1 (The Passage) and 2 (The Twelve) as soon as possible with the release of the final book (City of Mirrors) in 2014 (in the UK).  When reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, which coincided with a trip to Sweden to visit a friend, she had said friend send her the third book in the series in when it was released in English in Sweden, months before it was released in English in the United States.  Where there is a friend living abroad, there is a way to get a book before it is released in the United States.  Speaking of finishing series, she read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cover to cover while flying back to the United States following a 3-week teaching assistantship in Peru and is not apologetic about the fact that she cried through the final third of the book.

She may love books but there is more to Michelle than her Goodread’s collection.  This year’s ALA-UM Chapter Administrative Coordinator has a Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester, with minors in Psychology as a Social Science and Comparative Literature for good measure, and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Educational Psychology.  When not in North Quad, she can most likely be found hanging out at the Medical Campus where she works as the University Library Associate for the Taubman Health Sciences Library.  Never one to succumb to stereotypes, this informationist-in-training is a big sports fan and enjoys yelling at her teams’ players on the TV most of the year except for the awesome occasions she has to watch them play in person.


Emily Krueger:

Emily 1

Emily Krueger is an international woman of mystery, partnering with her cyborg husband, she spends her days tracking down the worst offenders of international library crimes: those that use sticky notes as bookmarks, those that underline in pen, and those that spill tea on borrowed books. During the summer of 2014, Emily went undercover as an intern at the Chelsea District Library hoping to instill a love of learning and healthy respect for librarians into the hearts of young bibliophiles there. Emily is planning on taking her MSI in Library and Information Science and showing the world that the Librarian of Congress really is a type of superhero.


Amy Eiben:

Amy Eiben

Growing up, Amy’s family created an environment which cultivated a life-long love of learning and a generosity of spirit.  These things, along with her own innate curiosity and a strange gift of patience, created in her a natural librarian of the people.  Amy believes that libraries offer great opportunities for exploration outside of a classroom, which can be made accessible to children and adults who come from all backgrounds.  She totally wants to be a part of that.

Amy lives in Detroit with her husband and son.  She currently works for the University Libraries, where she spends time trying to figure out what classes she would have to take in order to read some of the really interesting books she comes across.  In her free time, she enjoys catching up on her Netflix queue with her husband, building awesome Duplo structures with her son, and assisting customers in stores where she doesn’t work.  That last one she does on her own.


Kristen Reid:


Kristen graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in English literature and music history and theory.  After summer internships at two major symphonies and a job in Community Programs at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, she is determined to pursue a career as a performing arts librarian or archivist.  Kristen currently sings in the UMS Choral Union and works in Technical Services in MLibrary where she catalogs sheet music.


Kathy Kosinski:

Kathy Kosinski

Saddled with an alliterative name from birth, Kathy has always had an affinity for literature, language, and the like. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2012 with degrees in Spanish and English, she worked in the book publishing industry for a while. Though after visiting a library conference in 2013, she realized that maybe she would much rather work on the other side of the book industry. Returning to the (also alliterative) city of Ann Arbor, she is currently set to graduate from UMSI in 2016. Kathy is focusing her studies on both library science and human-computer interaction, and can’t wait to put the two together in a career afterwards. Follow her on Twitter at @kkosinsk. Maybe she will say something interesting between retweeting Welcome to Night Vale.




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