Kickoff for Open Access Week!


QuasiCon 2015* Information Meeting

Quasi-Con is the ALA-UM Student Chapter’s main winter semester event.  It is hard to describe in a few words (because it can change direction annually!) but in short it is an “unconference” at the University of Michigan dedicated to (discussing) libraries.
If you are just interested in learning more about what an “unconference” is, what QuasiCon is, or just want to spend more time with other chapter members during your Friday lunch break, please bring said lunch to NQ 1255 this Friday (10/3/14) at noon and we’ll dissect what this QuasiCon thing is all about.
*This is winter event.  The date is set for Saturday, February 7, 2015 in North Quad.  The Exec Board knows that balancing school work with extracurriculars (not to mention a personal life) can be rough but being an active participant and planning committee member in Quasi Con is a great experience.  The event’s theme, presenters, and flow is all participant directed.  Exec Board has only decided on the When and the Where, we want YOU to decide the What, Why, Who, and How.
Hope to see many of you on Friday at noon!

Upcoming Fall 2014 Events


Peer Advising Session

ALA officers will be at the Espresso Royale (State Street) on Thursday, March 27, from 5-6:30, for peer advising.

We will be happy to discuss next year’s classes, internships, life goals, or whatever you feel like discussing! Please join us as we drink coffee, eat pastries, and hang out. Hope to see you there!


"Meeting" is in the public domain and designed by froz. 
Accessed from the Noun Project.

Day in the Life Panel

ALA and YASL are co-sponsoring this year’s “Day in the Life”, consisting of a diverse group of current librarians, within the following fields: academic, administration, technical, public, and school libraries. They will speak candidly about their professions, career paths, and personal experiences. Join ALA and YASL on March 27th, from 12-1, in room NQ1255. Food will be provided for those that RSVP!


  • Sherle Abramson-Bluhm, Head, Print Acquisitions Section Technical Services Division (MLibrary)
  • Darlene Nichols, Librarian for Diversity and Inclusion, Staff Development Librarian (MLibrary)
  • Sonali Mishra, User Experience Specialist (MLibrary and UMSI 2011 graduate)
  • Erin Helmrich, Teen Librarian and Comics Selector (Ann Arbor District Library)
  • Jeri Schneider, Library Media Specialist (Ann Arbor Public Schools)


Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)
"People" designed by Castor & Pollux from the Noun Project

Physician Heal Thyself

Do you ever think, “I am at the School of Information (SI) and an (aspiring) information professional, but I am . . .

  • Drowning in email
  • Flummoxed by Google calendar scheduling
  • Paralyzed by the choices of reference management software
  • Frustrated with document sharing or version control for group projects
  • Forgetting all of my different passwords
  • Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera?

Or, when you read the problems above, do you think, “I have just the solution!”?

How do you stay informed and organized at SI? What are your tricks or hack for time and information management? Share your solutions and/or find answers to your questions at Physician Heal Thyself. Here’s the idea:

  1. Check this Google spreadsheet for problems and solutions other have submitted
  2. Make three (3) slides that present your solutions to a common SI student information problem
  3. On February 17th, at noon, in NQ 1255, use three slides to tell the rest of us your awesome info-hack in 2-4 minutes.

Please join ALA officers and your colleagues in this fun, informal, and informative event!

Best Practices Presentation Workshop 

You just received an acceptance letter to present at a professional conference. Now what? Join the ALA officers and other members at UMSI to learn about best presentation practices and receive advice from Shevon Desai, Communication and Information Studies Librarian.

Date: Friday, February 7, from 12-1 p.m.

Location: NQ 1255

Questions? Contact


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